Monday, February 28, 2011


Other than it being the first day back to work after the weekend, I like Mondays.
Monday is dance/pasta night.
I get off work, do some shopping, read my book, dance and come home to a delicious homemade pasta dinner made by my lovely fiance
But, tonight is different - I am sick so no dance class. Instead I am in our hot apartment watching bad TV and daydreaming about supper! YUM!
Could be worse I guess :)

Back to my book....
I have been reading this book since September 19, 2010 and am only 40 or so pages in - that's over 5 months to read 40 pages of a 432 page book. Ridiculous right??!!
My goal was to finish it before I see the movie. New goal: Finish the book before the movie is out on DVD (I hope it's not out yet....)

And there it is. My first official blog post!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who knew...

That on December 17th I would get engaged?
Certainly not me!!
That night the chaos (otherwise known as wedding planning) started. 

I began looking for wedding ideas online and came across so many interesting/cute/amazing blogs, which half inspired me to start my own.
(And maybe I was partially inspired by all the Sex in the City reruns we watch....)

So here it is - blog full of stuff that I love, like, want or need, daily thoughts, nonsense, useless facts and of course, our adventures in wedding planning!