Monday, February 28, 2011


Other than it being the first day back to work after the weekend, I like Mondays.
Monday is dance/pasta night.
I get off work, do some shopping, read my book, dance and come home to a delicious homemade pasta dinner made by my lovely fiance
But, tonight is different - I am sick so no dance class. Instead I am in our hot apartment watching bad TV and daydreaming about supper! YUM!
Could be worse I guess :)

Back to my book....
I have been reading this book since September 19, 2010 and am only 40 or so pages in - that's over 5 months to read 40 pages of a 432 page book. Ridiculous right??!!
My goal was to finish it before I see the movie. New goal: Finish the book before the movie is out on DVD (I hope it's not out yet....)

And there it is. My first official blog post!

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