Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What if?

Last night I asked my future hubby a question...It was just a random thought I had come up with earlier that day.
I said to him, "Have you ever wondered about what your life would be like if your parents named you your middle name and not Dave?"
His response, "HA HA HA!! What are you saying???"
I was shocked that he had never thought about that...Weird!!
He thought I was crazy as usual....
This question actually started a little conversation.

I had lots of what ifs:
  • What if my parents named me my middle name? 
  • What if I was blonde and not brunette?
  • What if I gone to university right after high school and became an elementary school teacher and not waited a few years to get my ECE and specialize in Special Needs? Would I have a totally different philosophy? Would I think the best way to teach small children would be through academics? Or would I think the way I do now - kids learn through play and their social & emotional skills/development are more important then if they can read or not?
And trust me it went on and on and on.....In all reality, I really don't care about the what ifs. At all! They mean nothing to me. I was just curious if Dave had ever thought about that.

He asked me if I had any regrets. Without any hesitation I said NO! I have zero regrets. Sure I've made some bad/dumb choices in my life, but that's how I got to where I am - by making mistakes and learning.

I pretty much live by this:

In the end I told Dave that no matter what, we found of found each other regardless of hair color, names, careers or anything else.
And that's that <3

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