Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring has sprung!!!

Spring is officially here! I think in the past week and a half we had 2 days of sun. Hey, two days is two days...I'll take what I can get! I'm totally the girl that wears capris and skirts without tights at the first sign of sun.
But my favorite thing about spring? Cherry Blossoms!!
The trees are in full bloom and look amazing! I always imagine Dave and I riding our cruisers down the street as the cherry blossoms fall on us. We're on our way to have a picnic of course ;)
A picture of my street would be a good right here ------->
But I don't have one :(
Maybe tomorrow!

I made my first spring wardrobe purchase the other day. Well about 2 weeks ago.
I never shop online -  I hate not being able to try things on. But I saw this dress and had to have it! When I finally got around to buying it, it was 60 or 70% off. Score!! Another reason why I don't shop online is because I hate waiting for it to come! Maybe tomorrow it will come....

So now to complete the outfit I need a new pair of red heels!

I also kind of want a pair of nude heels.
Like these (minus the skulls)

What's on your spring wardrobe wish list?

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  1. Hello from weddingbee!
    I'm so excited to follow your journey :)

    I also want a pair of nude heels - they're so classy!
    However, my first 'needs' are tank tops. I am a huge tank top girl, and I can't wait to stock up!