Saturday, March 05, 2011

Horray for Saturday...part 2

Well, shopping was unsuccessful...kinda.
I went to the sample sale and there was a huge line, so I decided to skip it. I drove away kinda bummed.
I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of bubbles for the ceremony or maybe the reception. We had a 50% off coupon so why not!
After Michaels I made up my mind to go go to the sample sale. I got to the warehouse and there was no lineup. Score!
I went in was kinda disappointing. There were tonnes of little favor boxes and bags, guest books, t-shirts that said Bride in rhinestones, silk flowers etc. I'm a sucker for books and magazines and there was a huge selection for 50% off. I ended up getting some Martha Stewart Weddings magazines for $3 -$4 each. They're older, but brand new and have lots of good ideas. Plus I LOVE Martha Stewart!

We don't really a theme going for our wedding, but it's turning out to be very heritage/traditional/vintage/rustic/old Hollywood glamour. Which is actually a perfect mix of me and Dave.

Here's a few pictures of some wedding related stuff:

Our Venues:
When it came to wedding planning, I never thought I would care about where we got married.
I found the following two places while googling "wedding venues". I pretty much had my heart set on them from the first time I saw them. It was all of a sudden important to me to make everything feel very family oriented and bring my childhood into it. And since most of Dave's family is from out of town, I really wanted them to see where I grew up.
I guess this is what you call the first stages of nesting :)

The Chapel:
This chapel has amazing story.
Here's an shortened version of it:
In 1885 a local farmer wanted to marry his girlfriend and her father said that if he was going to marry her there needed to be a place of worship. So he saddled up his horse and went from Mt.Lehman to Delta (which is probably 40 minutes by car!!) every day to get wood to build the church. That's how it got the name "A Church Built On Love". So sweet!

The Reception Hall:
 A heritage hall built in 1928. This hall has a lot of family history too. My grampa helped work on it, my mom and aunt used to come here to square dance in the sixties and my brother and I used to play in the neighborhood.  There was this candy store next door that my grampa used to take us to and buy us candy. I have THE best grampa!!

I am having my wedding dress made and it's going to be amazing!! I can't post pictures of what it's going to look like just in case anyone sees it. But I can say it's inspired by Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner and a little bit by Bettie Page...

 Seriously, how beautiful is Ava Gardner??!!

I wonder if I will ever be as sophisticated and classy as Grace Kelly?
Doubt it ;)

 Gwen Stefani - always a fashion and hair & makeup inspiration
 I am currently obsessed with this sign that can be found here:

Have a good weekend!

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