Monday, March 07, 2011

Good Night!

Tonight when I got home from dance class I parked my car and saw my future hubby standing on the corner "making friends".
Making friends is what he does when he's had a couple too many pints ;)
He becomes very social and friendly - more so than normal!
Anyways, I was trying to get his attention so he could help me bring my stuff in, but that didn't happen. As I got closer I saw he was bent down petting a dog. I walked a little faster. (I love dogs. I'm like that kid you see that wants to pet every dog that passes by. The only reason we don't have one is because Dave is extremely allergic to dogs.)
When I crossed the street I almost stopped in my tracks....he was making friends with a Shiba Inu!! A shiba inu is kinda my dream dog. They look like little smiling foxes. Who wouldn't want a smiling dog??!!
I got up to the puppy and he was amazing! 5 1/2 months old - so sweet and well behaved. We chatted with the owner a bit and I fell in love :)

Dave later told me that he asked the owner to wait for me to get there so I could see the dog.
Dave is just that sweet! He is one of the only people I know that would ask a complete stranger to wait just so his fiance could pet his dog. I know it's a pretty small thing, but I thought it was pretty great.

Maybe I'm just rambling....I am pretty tired.
I had the worst sleep last night. And bad dreams. Every now and then I have these dreams where my teeth hurt and fall out. I always wake up with a sore mouth. What does that mean???
I haven't had one of those dreams for awhile so I googled it tonight and came up with 3 different answers.
  1. I'm insecure
  2. I'm stressed out
  3. I'm stressed about money
Hmmm....I'm not really feeling any of those.

Well I think that needs to be it for tonight! Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting!

Good Night! 

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