Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Made for TV movie/life?

Wow...what a weekend! It's Wednesday now and I'm fully 100% recovered!
I started writing this last night and at that point I was almost recovered....yes almost! Apparently I'm old and recovering is not as easy as it used to be.

I really did start writing this last night, unfortunately some major drama occurred and I lost all my inspiration (and my mind). Everything is good now and really that's all that matters!

When I started to read over what I had written last night it made me think about being in school and having to write a "My Weekend" or "What I Did on Summer Vacation" essay.
Then it hit me....I have never actually done that. I always wanted to, but in real life it never happened.
I guess that's more of a made for TV movie kind of thing.
Maybe to most people those are boring topics, but I was always the kind of kid that was super animated and dramatic (not a drama queen, just dramatic!). I loved telling stories and lived in a fairytale world. Everywhere I went I made up stories for people I met and saw.
And really, not much has changed - I still make up stories for people I don't know, tell giant tales, try and get people to laugh and still live in a Happily Ever After World :)

So here it is.....
My Weekend!

Just kidding ;)
The weekend was so long ago.

Today my mind is on our wedding. Flowers in particular.

Here's the story -

On Saturday afternoon I was at home hanging out and hoping to watch some bad/awesome Saturday afternoon movies.
The Wedding Planner was on....score!!! I've always thought that  Jennifer Lopez movies were made for Saturday afternoons.

Oddly enough, as I'm watching it my mom calls. I could tell something was up cause she was being kinda quiet. Soon enough I found out....My mom is a travel agent and she is part of this wedding networking group. Basically she recommends photographers, decorators etc. to her clients that are getting married and in return the other professionals recommend her for travel.

So she's at this meeting and the chair of the committee is talking about this flower shop that has recently stopped operating. Long story short, it's the flower shop that we had planned on using. And by planned on using I mean we had already had an hour meeting with them, worked out arrangements and left a deposit. I was bummed because I LOVED the place and the lady was awesome. She totally got me. She filled in the blanks, she finished my floral sentences, she was my flower soul mate. Ha ha ha! No really....
It's been a dream of mine to open my own flower shop since I was about 5 (thanks to Janet on Three's Company!).

So yeah, that kinda sucked :(

The plus side is, that we have lots of time. But I really really really wanted flowers from them. Boooo!

*Update - I talked to the floral director of the place today. She told me a little about what was going on. The flower shop is a non-profit organization and at this time their funding has been cut and they have no grants. The plan is to re-open in the next few months. They truly do amazing things! One of which is that they help unemployed women get back on their feet and put them through floral design school. And their work is beautiful!
So anyways, the director and the lady I met with are still going to do the wedding flowers if we're interested. They have rented design space at their wholesalers and will be doing contract work to do the wedding flowers.
I'm kinda excited that it may happen....It's something to think about for sure!

So flowers.....*sigh*
Our flowers are going to be pretty classic/vintage  - 3 shades of white roses with vintage brooches incorporated. Something like these:

 I found this on
Kind of like this, but with a vintage brooch on the ribbon 

Again, kinda like this bouquet, but white roses and ivory ribbon

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