Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Do VS. Done

We bought a dry erase board the other day to help get ourselves organized and see what's left to do for the wedding.
We decided to have to have 2 columns: TO DO & DONE. I was shocked when I saw how much stuff was on our To Do list. (here's a crappy picture taken on my iPhone)

Yeah....We thought we were ahead of the game - oh we're so naive!
But we do have all the big things done like catering, my dress, shoes, venues, hair & makeup. And today we ordered our favors :)
Yep, two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers! I have been in love with these since my brother got married 3 or 4 years ago. He really wanted these but his fiance wouldn't let him they chose something different. So brother will finally get one!
These are silly and cute and quirky - that's pretty much me and Dave.

Well, my Martha Stewart Weddings magazine is calling me :)

Good night!


  1. love the two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers. very cute!!!!!!!

    and i have to admit, i'm slightly happy that i'm not the only one with an insane to do list. although you have a LOT more "done" than i do! good job!!!

  2. Thanks!!
    Are you finding that you have a lot of small things left to do?
    It's annoying because so much of the stuff cannot be done until it's closer the wedding!