Saturday, March 05, 2011

Horray for Saturday!

I'm actually enjoying blogging more than I thought. It's quite fun!
I'm actually excited for the day when my blog is like other peoples - you know the ones with all the great pictures, DIY tips and ideas? I think I'm doing good though, considering I'm only a week in!
And more importantly...I have some followers!! YAY!!

So today might be a double (or triple???) post day because I am doing wedding stuff today! Fun!

I wish I was more organized and decided that I was doing wedding stuff earlier this week, because I would've made my lovely maid of honor* Darcey come!! Or had I know that Davey was working today maybe a shopping trip to Bellingham with her would've happened!
*just a side note - Darcey is married, but I refuse to call her my Matron of sounds too old!

Well that's it for time!!

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