Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Big Girls Need Big Diamonds"

I chose the title of this blog for a couple reasons....Well it started out as one reason, that being, "Big Girls Need Big Diamonds" is one of several famous quotes that the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor once said.
As I'm sure everybody knows she passed away this morning.
There are many more deeper things she has said, but that one makes me laugh a little (we'll get to that later!)
Elizabeth Taylor was so lovely. Of course I didn't know her, but from what I've read, she did great things for AIDS related charities, she spoke her mind and she was very passionate about what she believed in. I admire passionate people who aren't afraid to speak their minds.
One thing that sticks out in my mind is that Elizabeth Taylor once said that she would rather be remembered for the humanitarian work she did over the awards she had won or the movies she made. Beautiful!

When I started to look for wedding dress ideas she was one of the first people I googled. Seriously she was a professional bride - 8 marriages!!

Rest in Peace  Dame Elizabeth Taylor:

Even when she was older and sick she still looked amazing!

There had to be at least 1 wedding picture and why not from the 80's??!!

So the second reason why I named this post "Big Girls Need Big Diamonds" is because it totally makes me laugh. Here's why. When future hubby bought my engagement ring he was dealing with this amazing woman - 10 pounds of makeup, bleach blond hair, tonnes of jewellery (I got to see when we went to get my ring sized ;) She asked what size my finger was, he had no idea (neither did I) but he said something like "Oh, she always says she has big fingers."
The lady's response, "Big fingers need big diamonds"
Every time I read the title, I think of her saying that. In all reality, it's probably only funny to me and Dave....

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