Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The hardest part of blogging - thinkng of a title!

I really doubt Dave will see this, but if you're reading this Dave - DON'T!! There's wedding related pictures!

Today I wanted to blog about something other than food, clothes, shoes, music or weddings.
I got home after work and made the mistake of sitting on the couch and watching shows like Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Wedding S.O.S. 
I had good intentions....

All of my interesting and dare I say deep ideas were gone.
*I spend my entire work day talking about real issues and things that are truly important (I work with children with special needs and their families - I help set and meet goals, I find resources (grants, childcare programs, therapists etc.) for them and help the children with their social and emotional development). That's the short version of it :)

That led me to think about why I started this blog.
  • I was looking for a creative outlet where I could share my ramblings and nonsense
  • I needed something to clear my head after work
  • And honestly I quite enjoy talking about shoes, clothes, hair, makeup, food, music and weddings!
  • Maybe I could give someone else ideas like so many other bloggers have given me
  • And - maybe one day I will get paid to do this - ha ha! I'm half joking...
And that was that....I realized that this is supposed to be fun for me!

 So with that being said....I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MARRIED! September seems so far away.
We had almost everything planned by the end of January. Now we just have all the small things to do when it gets a little closer. I think that's why it seems so far away!
And there's some things that I don't even want to think about. Like decorations and transportation. Dave is in charge of decorations. He is carpenter/general contractor so he has an eye for decor, which is great, cause I don't!

Ooooh...I ordered my shoes the other day!
Assuming that they fit and I like them, here they are:

These were the runner ups:

I wish!!
Too bad Christian Louboutins aren't in the budget!

I am way too tired to read this over, so I apologize if there are any grammar/spelling mistakes.
That's how you know I'm tired - grammar and spelling mistakes are my pet peeves, so the fact that I'm ignoring it means something!
I'm sure I'll edit later!!

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