Monday, April 04, 2011

Wedding update

5. More. Months!
Yep - only 5 more months. 152 days. Less than half a year and we're getting married.
It's funny because 5 months seems kinda long, but it's not. I pretty much know that these next few months are going to fly by.

So this past week has been somewhat productive. I use the word somewhat loosely ;)
  • Our favors arrived and they are amazing! I know I've posted a picture before, but I just love them. 
I was so impressed when I opened up the box - they were packaged nicely, they are quite big and the color is great. And we got them for a reasonable price too - bonus!

  • I met with the florist on Saturday and gave my deposit. I saw some of her work and it was awesome! Our flowers are going to be so nice!
  • But with the good comes the bad.....I found my wedding shoes on Zappos. I needed (yes, needed) to have them. They were soooo pretty. They arrived and I picked them up on Friday and when I went to try them on, they were way too narrow :( I couldn't even fit my toes into them. Bummer. Oh well - I guess I just have to go shopping!!
I know I've posted a picture before, but here it is again...
  • We also picked our first song
  • And I've started looking into invitation wording. I thought that would be a simple task, but I'm finding it to be kind of tricky. We want something simple, not too wordy, but cute and quirky. I don't know what we did before google!

So I guess things are slowly coming together.

And on that note....time for bed!

Good Night!!


  1. We most have very close wedding days, because we only have 150 days left! I'm guessing you've chosen September 5?

    It sucks that your shoes were too narrow, but at least you have your favours to cheer you up?

  2. We are actually date twins!! We're getting married September 3rd as well!

    My countdown thing on here is wrong!

    And yes, the favors totally cheered me up :)