Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wedding question of the day....

Gloves or no gloves??
My mom asked me the other day if I was going to wear gloves. My response - hmmmm....I hadn't thought about that.
I've  actually been thinking about it lots lately.
I think it would super cute! I'm not talking long to my elbow or above gloves, but the cute short ones. I wore some to grad (scary fact...I graduated almost 13 years ago...Holy crap!!!!) and when I look at my pictures, they stand out a look great! I think so anyways!
My wedding dress has a vintage feel to it as did my grad dress. I think I can pull it off.
If I do, I'll have to think of some clever way to take them off at the ceremony to avoid looking awkward of course ;-)

Check out some pictures I found and let me know what you think.
My dress is being made as we speak, and I don't want to post the picture that inspires it, but think of a vintage, 50's style dress.
Most of these pictures are from

LOVE these gloves!!

So...Gloves or No gloves??


  1. Yay another blogger from the PNW!

    I think, as cute as gloves are, I would get annoyed with them. I'd want to feel my mans hand on that day, and not have another thing to fuss over. But they look cute, that's for sure! Keep us updated an what you go with :)

  2. I totally agree!!
    Gloves are cute, but I'd definitely want them off during the ceremony...they might be a pain.
    I might wear them for some pictures?
    I'll keep everyone posted :)