Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now I'm sure we all saw this coming....

Everybody's "thoughts" about Will & Kate's wedding. 
I have to say I was shocked by how many people criticized the way Kate looked on her wedding day. People were actually saying that she looked plain and wore her hair and makeup like she does everyday. Really?
I thought she looked lovely. They both did. More importantly they looked so happy!
A lot of people on the wedding boards that I visit started topics like "What bothered you about the wedding?", "Who looked better Kate or Pippa?", "Why did Kate look so everyday?"

I found it funny because the topic of how I'm going to look on our wedding day has be a hot-ish topic amongst some of my friends and me.

One of my friends was bugging me about getting contacts. I heard it all. Why would you want to hide behind glasses? Why don't you want to show off your beautiful green eyes? Blah....Blah....Blah!
I am most comfortable in my glasses - I wear them all the time. I hate not having them on.  I admit I almost got caught up in doing all the things I didn't want to, (getting contacts, wearing my hair and makeup in a way that wasn't me etc.) but then after talking to my future hubby, it hit me. This day is about US. Nobody else but us. And, on our wedding day I want to be me. I want to look like me, act like me , just be me. Sure I could stand to lose some weight, get contacts, and wear princess hair and makeup, but why? When I look at our wedding pictures I want to see the girl that my fiance fell in love with. I want to see Dave & Amanda.
I really don't want to spend one of the most important days of my life looking like someone I'm not. Plus I can almost guarantee that if I wore my hair and makeup in a totally different style than normally then by the reception I would have re-done it myself ;-)
When I explained it that way to my friends, I got lots of apologies. Ha ha!

So yeah, that's about it....

For those of you that cared, what did you think about the wedding?


  1. I thought that it was great that Kate wanted William to be able to recognize her on their wedding day. I really liked her dress and everything that I've seen so far except I wasn't a huge fan of the bouquet. I think people are either jealous or they just built this image up in their heads of how it would look and got so excited for it that they are upset it wasn't how they imagined and wanted it to be. Can you image the criticism the royal wedding would get if it was really over the top though?

  2. I expected something far more extravagant to be quite honest. Even if I was a simple person, if I knew the whole world (basically) would be watching me on my wedding day I would at least make it look like I put some effort into my hair and makeup, know what I mean? She looked gorgeous, because she IS gorgeous, I was just underwhelmed.