Saturday, April 16, 2011

Half way there. Already???

I apologize in advance if this post is all over the place! There's a movie being filmed outside of our apartment and a 6:58am the loud trucks started to roll in - it woke me up and I'm tired!!!

This weekend is the first weekend in about 2 months that my fiance is off. He's a contractor and does mill work. A lot of the jobs he does are in bars, restaurants and pubs in Vancouver. Well a few months ago he got his first huge job as a general contractor. So that means he has been working 7 days a week/10-15 hours a day. Gross!
That meant a whole lot of not seeing him. So what I would do is make dinner for 10+ people and deliver it to them. I hate eating alone! Plus I knew if I wasn't feeding them, all those men would go hungry. And mostly, it was nice to spend 10 minutes with my Mr.
 I know his crew (his workers, the painters, sound guys etc.) really well now. We all became this great little family.

So the job is done and we have the weekend together. We are both excited!!!

I think today we are going to look at wedding rings/bands!

I'm not very educated in diamonds. Stuff like size and cut aren't important to me, before getting engaged I never looked at rings or had a "dream engagement ring".
The fact that Dave spent months researching rings and found the perfect ring for me is amazing. When it comes to fancy rings, he knows what I like better than me. Ha ha!
I would've been happy with a ring from a vending machine.
Shhhhhh! Don't tell Dave ;-)
I can't find a very good picture of my ring on my finger, but here it is:

Wedding bands - I have a couple ideas in mind.

I originally thought I wanted a gypsy set wedding band. But as I started to look a little more I wasn't sure. I don't want anything flashy - it's just not me. I want something simple and classic.   
Gypsy set
I kind of like this one. But it may not suit my engagement ring?
I think this may be the winner - I'll have to see what they look like together!

Last night the (future) Mr and I went for dinner to the place where we got engaged. I guess we're  half way there....We've been engaged 4 months and are getting married in 4.5 months!
Like every other engaged or married person out there, I LOVE telling the story of how he proposed. It's so us!
It was December 17th - my last day of work before 2 weeks off for Christmas Holidays! I called Dave to see what was going on. He told me he was doing some shopping at Metrotown (a huge mall in our city) because he had been at a flooring place across the street. My response...Are you buying me presents? Lots and lots of presents??? I was joking because Dave never shops early for Christmas. He's a December 24th kinda guy. I assumed he went there with plans to shop, would get frustrated and leave.
So anyways we planned to meet at our usual Friday night hang out.
Dave arrived and yes, he was acting weird, but I knew he hadn't been feeling well. He ordered a ginger ale and not beer (I should've known something was going on!). Dave asked where I wanted to go for dinner. I said let's just go home and order in. He insisted we went out. He asked if I wanted to go the Keg (a fancy steak house) and all these other nice places. I said no to all of them. I thought a little and said, Let's go to Swiss Chalet. Dave loves it there and I figured that if he wasn't feeling well, then comfort food would be perfect. He asked if I was sure I said, "Yes sir!"
So off we went to Swiss Chalet....
We got there and it was very busy (little did I know that it would turn out to be a good thing!). They put us in this private corner booth and left us alone. Now Dave and I have had this silly tradition since day 1, whenever the two of us go out for dinner we pretend it's a first date or job interview - we chose job interview.
We went through the whole process and I asked what the benefits of this position were. His answer - that I would get to love him forever. Ha ha!
Then he said before I offer you the position I need to know if you'll marry me. And he pulled out the ring.
What? Are you serious? Yep that was my response....Followed by YES!
And about 10 minutes later our food came!

It turned out the he hadn't been looking at flooring. He went to the mall to buy my ring....that day!

I was SHOCKED. I had no idea at all. It was funny because all the girls at work were asking if I thought he was going to propose over Christmas. I said, "There's no way Dave is going to propose at a time when it's expected (Christmas, Valentines Day, our anniversary)".
He showed me!

It was the perfect proposal :-)

What's your story?

We ended up getting our wedding bands today! We went to look and get ideas and left with one less thing to do!
I think the picture below is it. I can see it in my head, but once I went to the website to look at it again, I wasn't sure.
  Dave got his too. Again, totally different than what he thought he wanted. His is so nice and looks good on his finger. It was such a sweet event. We get to pick them up next weekend.
The one sucky thing, I sent my ring to get polished and cleaned and won't have it back until next Friday or Saturday. Boooo! But on the plus side it will look pretty again!

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