Thursday, April 28, 2011

My new guilty pleasure....

I had such good intentions to blog over the long weekend (the sweet sweet long weekend). I had so many thoughts running through my head, but the weekend was so busy and every time I had a chance to post, my mind went blank!

So today's post is all about my new guilty pleasure....Will & Kate's wedding. Yes, I'm on a first name basis with them.
Our wedding is only 4 months away (crazy!) and I'm getting so giddy and feeling extra excited! We always joke about how the royal wedding is stealing our wedding thunder. Yep, we're dorks ;-)
Back to Will & Kate - I'm looking forward to the fashion. Kate's dress, the guests, what the Queen will be wearing. I'm sure the clothes will be amazing!
But Kate's dress....Are there "rules" as to what style of dress she has to wear? Does it have to have sleeves? So many questions!!!

Imagine the stress she must be feeling! Getting married to royalty in front of thousands billions of people and having it all on TV. I hope they enjoy their wedding. I'm sure they're both so happy that they don't even care.

My aunt made a good point the other day. She asked if I was going to be watching the wedding. Then made a comment about how it's nice to have something world wide to be excited about especially while so many bad things are going on. Good point!

I admit I wasn't fully hooked until this evening when I "accidentally" started watching the made for TV movie about Kate and William. I LOVE made for TV movies, wedding movies and movies that have happy endings!
Tonight was date night with the Mr. so I had to PVR the rest of the movie. But I told him I had a movie for him to watch when we got home. Ha ha!

So....are you excited??
What are your thoughts on the wedding? Are you gettign up at 2am? Do you care?

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