Saturday, May 07, 2011


It's been awhile since I've blogged!

Lots has happened over the last couple weeks -
  • Most importantly - this week I was offered a permanent full time position with my company! I've been covering a mat leave that was supposed to end in August, but everything fell in to place and a position came open. I've worked my ass off to get this job, it's pretty much my dream job :-)
    I accepted!
  • Also - we started our gift registry
  • We went through our "TO DO" list to see just how much we have left (it's actually not that bad!)
  • We finalized our menu & invitation wording
  • We set up a date to start our required pre-marital counselling
  • Tomorrow we have a meeting with our photographer
  • We have a design for our centerpieces and ordered what we need for them and the list goes on and on and on!YAY!
  • AND....the bridesmaids attire has been selected and the girls love the dress! They are so cute! Kinda want one for myself ;-)

Bridesmaid dresses! They are getting the same colors as the picture!

So with all that out of the way, my topic of the day!
Minx Manicures!
I've wanted one for so long. When I first discovered them, I wasn't able to find a place around here that did them. I think there are a few salons now that do!  I'll have to do some more research!
Basically they are like stickers/appliques for you nails that are supposed to last up to 10 days - Major bonus for me because I end up painting my nails every 3 - 5 days! I'm pretty hard on my nails I guess....
I was looking at a magazine the other day and saw that Sally Hansen (and Sephora) makes their own version of Minx manicures. So of course I had to try them. I was pleasantly surprised. Once you get the hang of putting them on it's easy. I applied them Tuesday and they still look good!
Here's a crappy iPhone picture (the design is a little gaudy, but I like them)

Have any of you had a Minx Manicure before?
What about a shellac manicure?

I'm on the hunt for something (other than gels/acrylics - they always hurt my finger and I pull them off) that is going to last prior to the wedding!

Have a good weekend!

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