Friday, June 24, 2011

Old lady talking cake on a Friday night??

I just read something funny on a wedding forum, it said - something like, "I remember when my Friday nights used to begin at 11 pm, not end."
I laughed a little, actually a lot when I read that. We (me and the future Mr.) often have that conversation. When we first started dating, we were out every single night. Now 3 years later, we sit at home on a Friday night watching Sex and the City and American Dad marathons playing Tetris and blogging. Oh, and making a Saturday To Do list. And you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world :)

Speaking of To Do lists, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrows list - it involves shopping!!
It's one of the first weekends in soooo long that we can just do what we want. So, because we're getting married in just over 2 months, we thought we better do some wedding related stuff.  That's where the shopping comes in. We're heading to this wonderful store called Dress Sew. It's this huge fabric & notions store that has everything! We're going to get ribbon and "pearls" for our cake (I'll get to the cake in a minute). We met with our cake lady a few weeks ago and decided on everything.
Our cake lady is great! She's been friends with my mom since they were  little kids and makes cakes as a hobby and because it's a hobby, she only charges for supplies - we're getting an amazing deal on a 4 tier cake :)

Cake time!!

After searching through a bunch of pictures, we came up with a few that we liked pieces of. Here they are:




We really liked the designs of the first 4 (minus the swirly designs, bows & fruit etc). We liked the polka dots (for lack of better words) and the pearls around each tier. And picture #5 we liked the design and the ribbon (minus the flowers).

Our cake:
  • It's going to be 4 tiers with 4 delicious flavors:
    Tier #1 (bottom) - chocolate with chocolate cream filling
    Tier #2 - Vanilla with buttercream filling
    Tier #3 - Lemon with lemon custard filling
    Tier #4 (top) - Rice Krispies!! This is something that the Mr. joked about. We then decided it was an awesome idea! We're going to take it back to the hotel with us after the wedding :)
  • The cake will be covered in white fondant
  • She's going to put charcoal ribbon around the bottom of each tier and then pearls (fake of course!) around the ribbon - like pic #5 except they won't be icing
  • And then she's going to put the pearls randomly all over the cake
I think it's going to be beautiful!

But I think our cake toppers will take the cake - wow that was cheesy and bad, even for me....
The cake toppers are a surprise just because they will be so awesome!

All this talk of cake, makes me want some!!!!

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