Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 5 part 2

Last week it was so easy to do my Top 5 list of things I like. I think I did it on Tuesday....This week has been a rough one (lots of family stuff going on) so it's been hard to find lots of cheery things!
But that's life right? With the good comes the bad.
Enough of that!

Here's this week's TOP 5:

#1 -
Golden Girls!!!!
I LOVE the Golden Girls - they're the best. I'm actually watching them right now. Sophia is my favorite! I also like it when Stan comes over to visit and when they open the door he says, "Hi! It's me Stanley." ha ha ha ha ha!

#2 - Songs with whistling.
It seems that there are so many songs right now with whistling in them. It's awesome and summery and makes me happy!

#3 - My new radio!!
I had to move desks at work and my new spot is so quiet (and kinda lonely) so I got a radio. I'm the kind of person that NEEDS to have background music. I always have music or the TV on. So I got this wonderful little radio last night and now I can listen to my favorite radio station 100.5 The Peak ( while at work.
They play such good variety of music! And it's work appropriate. For the most part ;-)

#4 -Ximena SariƱana
This ties in with #2 and #3 - I actually fist heard her on the peak ^  and the song I heard has whistling in it!
Here's her website:
And there's a video for her song Different on the main page - love it!

#5 - My friends!

I love them so much. They have been so supportive and caring during all the stuff that I've been dealing with.
And look that - this ties in with #1 the Golden Girls!

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