Saturday, August 06, 2011

 Happy Birthday Lucy!

 She is the whole package! I love love love love her!

2 & 3. Baking and cooking -
I LOVE baking and cooking!! There's something so fun about being in the kitchen and creating yummy things. It's funny because I get bored with things so fast and future hubby likes to stick with the tried and true. But he is pretty good about trying eating whatever I put in front of him.
I don't what it is about cooking and baking that I enjoy so much.  Maybe it's that I secretly want to be a 50's housewife? Or that every time I am in the kitchen I pretend I'm hosting my own cooking show?
All I know is that I planned on making pink lemonade cupcakes today but I slept in...I might still have time.

4. Bridal Magazines -
Now I don't like all of them, but I really like Brides & Wedluxe

They are both really good. Brides may be a little better though. Wedluxe is beautiful but kinda expensive for what you get. Plus I think it's aimed more towards people with $50,000 and up wedding budgets, which isn't me!

5. Saved by the Bell
I don't think anything needs to be said about this one :)

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Haha I LOVE this list! Lucille Ball is absolutely amaizing, I too love to bake, bridal magazines are pretty much my whole life right now (sad, but true), and Saved By The Bell? Best show ever made. Oh Zach Morris, how I love thee.

    Great post!