Wednesday, March 12, 2014

16 months later...

November 2012...that was a long time ago. That was the last time I wrote on here. I wrote about how busy things were because I had a very hungry active 4 month old baby. Well...a lot has happened in the last 16 months. My then 4 month old, Lauren, is a toddler - she's 20 months. She'll be 2 in July. How did that happen? She's by far THE coolest kid around. She's crazy busy, she loves climbing, books, animals, being outside and learning new things. She's very curious and never walks only runs. She's on the go all day long. Like I said she's crazy busy, but I wouldn't want her any other way. Oh, and she's also a big sister. Yep, we've added another member to our family. We are now part of the "Two Under Two" club.
On January 12, 2014 we had another sweet baby girl. Olivia is 2 months old today. And of course, she is THE coolest baby ever! She's like me...hungry all the time and it seems she likes to party between 12am and 2:30am every night (that was the old, before kids me).  I've come to terms with it now.
I hate to admit it, but when people told us time goes faster with two kids they were right. My newborn is no longer a newborn. She is a smiling, gurgling, rolling around, kicking 2 month old. And man is she cute!

So I've decided that this is where I should come during my late night/early morning feeds to help me stay awake. If there's nobody to talk to (At 4am Olivia doesn't really care what I have to say) I might as well write.

I guess it goes without saying that this blog will  now be about my life as a busy wife and mom of two busy girls and  how I try to keep it together. And of course all things related - pregnancy, kids, babies etc.

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