Friday, January 27, 2012

Sealed with a cupcake!

This week started out awful! It was bad for both my husband and I - worse for him :(
But, we're pushing it all aside, moving on and hoping that we win the $50 million lottery tonight.

I think one of the worse things of the week was dinner the other night. I'm all about trying new recipes, the one I chose the other day.....major fail! It was this creamy lemon pasta casserole thing that looked and sounded delicious. I actually followed the recipe too - well I changed it a little I omitted some of the lemon. I can't even explain what was so gross about it, but it was too lemony and creamy and yuck! Normally we like the new recipes I make, but this one, no amount of hot sauce, pasta sauce or ketchup could fix it.
That reminds me, I better take it off of pinterest!

To make up for that, tonight I was checking out some of my favorite baking blogs and started drooling over some mighty fine looking cupcakes. Maybe it was the pregnancy talking or who knows what, but I decided that I needed to make some. They are divine - vanilla cupcakes with green buttercream. Yum!
I also tried a new buttercream recipe. I actually like it better than my tried and true Wilton recipe. At least one new recipe this week was a success!!
Here's the recipe:


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